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Blowers are used for ensuring proper aeration of the compost, thus ensuring aerobic decomposition of the Mushroom compost. Blowers are basic requirement for any compost yard .

Compost Turner

Compost turner is required to mix basic ingredients of compost uniformly. It also makes stacks to ensure proper conditioning of the compost and proper decomposition of all the ingredients.

Tunnel Filling Lines

Tunnel filler or tunnel filling line is required to put compost prepared in yard or bunkers for further conditioning in the pasteurizing tunnels. Standard set consist of hopper, conveyors and thrower/swivel.

Insulated Doors and Windows

Insulated doors are required to retain the temperature of rooms or tunnels at desired temperatures. Doors manufactured by us are heavy duty as compared to PUF doors.

Baby Boilers

Boilers are required in Mushroom industry for various reasons. Boilers are required when temperature is not rising to the desired levels in the conditioning chamber. Also used for casing

Spawn Lab

We also manufacture following spawn lab equipments:
Laminar Flow

Compressor Units

Central chiller plant ranges from reciprocating to screw compressors. Individual system is available with reciprocating and scroll compressors. Automation for control and monitoring of parameters like temperature and

Bunker Fillers

Bunker filler are required to fill the compost in bunkers. This machine ensures proper aeration and uniform density of the compost in the bunkers, which generally cant be attained by front loader.

Bag Filling Lines

Bag filling machine is used to put the prepared compost of the tunnel into bags. Manually it takes lot of time to weight and put the compost in the bags. With the help of bag filling 5-6 Ton compost can be put into bags. .


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AC Plant and Machinery

Mushroom growing air conditioning is different in terms of normal air conditioning. It requires proper maintenance of temperature, humidity and Co2 Levels.


Automation for control and monitioring of parameters like temperature and humidity both localized and remotely is available with us. We have tie up with groups like Trane


We provide Consultation regarding setup of Mushroom Plant infrastructure like Bunkers, Tunnels, Growing rooms, Plant rooms, compost yards etc.

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