Compost turner is required to mix basic ingredients of compost uniformly. It also makes stacks to ensure proper conditioning of the compost and proper decomposition of all the ingredients.

People using compost turner for mixing of material has found more yields of mushroom compared to people using front loader for the same purpose. Lumps of compost are normally formed with manual mixing or with front loader results in various diseases during mushroom growing and harvesting.

It breaks all lumps that are formed during mixing of various ingredients. We provide compost turner as per the customer’s requirement of stack width and height.

Compost turner for paddy straw/bagasse has special spinner to break all the lumps and forms uniform compost mixture. Uniform compost also ensures good spawn run.

We can design compost turner for other applications such as cow dung manure, sugar cane waste and municipal waste. Also we can manufacture engine operated ,tractor pull type turners.


  • Electrically Manuvered/generator Mounted Optional
  • imported Gearboxes
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Tyres
  • Ms/ss Body Available
  • Spinner Designed For Handling Various Kind Of Straws
  • Winching Hopper Additional
  • Motor Stand Fabricated With Blower Body


  • Mushroom Compost Turner
  • Windrow Turner
  • Organic Compost Turner


  • Uniform Turning
  • Mixes All Ingredients Well
  • Saves Labour And Time
  • Increases Productivity And Yield
  • Ensures Proper Decomposition Of Raw Materials