Tunnel filler or tunnel filling line is required to put compost prepared in yard or bunkers for further conditioning in the pasteurizing tunnels. Standard set consist of hopper, conveyors and thrower/swivel.

JCB is required to dump the compost in the hopper, which then passes on the material to conveyors and then with the help of swivel uniform distribution of compost takes place in the tunnel.

Using filling line compared to front loader ensures proper aeration of compost while filling. It also ensures uniform density of the compost which allows proper aeration to take place during conditioning of compost in tunnel.

Height of the compost in tunnel can be adjusted manually or hydraulically. We also manufacture cassette type tunnel filler.


  • Set Includes Hopper, Conveyors, Swivel
  • Swivel With Hydraulic / Manual Lift Available
  • Swivel Side Movement Hydraulic / Automatic Available
  • Ss Body/ Ms Body
  • Self-Backward Movement
  • Specially Designed Sets Also Available With Conveyors Sliding Over Other Conveyors
  • Hopper With Attached Conveyor Is Also Available


  • For Tunnel And Bunker Filling
  • Conveyors Can Be Used For Material Handling


  • Uniform Room Filling
  • Saves Labour And Time
  • Increases Productivity And Yield